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Test Tor Browser 6.0.5 for OpenBSD

86 words by gman999 written on 2016–10–05, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: openbsd, testing, tor-browser

The release of TB 6. .5 has been worked and reworked and submitted to the OpenBSD ports list.

If you’re an OpenBSD user running amd64 snapshots and you want more operating system on the Tor network you should be testing it. As always consider this release without warranties and a serious infraction to your online anonymity … read more

Back to the Buildbot

103 words by gman999 written on 2017–06–26, last edit: 2017–09–03, tags: bsd, buildbot, testing, tor

Christian S.’s Tor BSD Buildbot needs attention again. His Buildbot is a vital tool for Tor core developers to test the Tor development branch on the various BSDs and hardware platforms.

The new .9.5 Buildbot software includes a number of noteworthy … read more

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