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The disturbing picture of the Tor bridge operating system monoculture should frighten everyone.

No exaggeration intended, but when only one operating system kernel is responsible for the vast majority of censored traffic entering the Tor network, alarm bells should sound.

TDP is looking to attack this problem on the local level with hands-on Tor installfests on the BSDs.

One could get online commitments from all over to wear a blue shirt on the first Tuesday of the month, to stop using salt on kale or to run a Tor bridge on a BSD variant, but those calls generally evaporate on the internet. It’s time to start doing physical sessions to gather the hardware, do the Tor configuration and ultimately start changing the bridge operating system count.

TDP is organizing a *BSD Tor bridge installfest in New York City for October 4th, as a New York City *BSD User Group meeting.

The meeting will be introduced with a quick overview of Tor and the role of bridges, with a glance at the current statistics.

To make the event fruitful, users should do some prepatory work coming into the installfest.

The NYC event will be followed up by a planned IRC sessions for those wanting more feedback and discussion once the bridge is up and running.

Take this model of a *BSD Tor bridge installfest and replicate in your own locale or as a birds-of-a-feather session at an upcoming BSD conference.

In the coming weeks, we’ll blog a full recipe for *BSD Tor bridge installfests, with all the details covered to ensure a successful event.

Consider this installfest open-sourced and ready to hack and replicate.

Let us know how it goes.

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