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TB 5.5 and More New Snapshots

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Yesterday the OpenBSD snapshots updated to #1881 for amd64 and #1609 for i386. TB is working fine on both.

Meanwhile, the TB packages were updated. First we implemented a meta TB package, as per landry@’s comments. Note that the start-tor-browser script was also deprecated recently. All the sloppy setup gook was replaced by neater Firefox hacks.

Installing TB from the mirror is simple:

$ doas env PKG_PATH= pkg_add tbb

For i386 installs, replace /amd64/ with /i386/.

Be aware that that we are still tinkering with TB 5.5 which has some significant vulnerabilities that could disclose a user’s identity. TB 5.5.2 is in the pipeline.

A question for TB testers out there: does a Tor Browser icon appear on the desktop after TB installs?

According to the general standards on window manager desktops, it should as the installer places /usr/local/share/applications/tor-browser.desktop into ~/.local/share/applications. However, on XFCE it doesn’t appear, and the file needs to be placed in ~/Desktop. How about KDE and GNOME users out there? Let us know.

We imagine that most users following -current are probably running cwm.

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