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The progress we’ve made over the past five days was exhausting, yet exciting.

Some very significant steps were made with Tor Browser. A revised 5.5 release does not contain the start-tor-browser script any longer; all the necessary setup steps are now done with Javascript, including the profile setup. The Firefox add-ons are now dumped into the profile as files, such as, instead of being extracted into directories. Additionally, we are now building an i386 version of TB.

We are aware that TB 5.5.2 was released by the Tor Project this past Friday, a mere hour after we announced our 5.5 release. TB 5.5.2 includes some important security changes coming from the Mozilla upstream, although much can be mitigated by moving the security slider to high. And TB 5.5.1 was also released before our TB 5.5, but the changes were significant. Nevertheless, the last five days of constant hacking and testing on TB makes future releases less painful and more smooth.

Finally, for those doing TB testing, we have a brief guide to what to test in a Testing Tor Browser piece. The past week has already changed some of the steps, and we look to expand and formalize this document so it becomes a useful tool.

It’s almost a year since our first commits to GitHub, and it’s been a long and sometimes painful learning experience, but we think we’re now in a great spot.

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