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Tor Browser Ports for 5.5 Tagged

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I just merged 5.5 onto master and tagged it. This release was much easier after the work on 5.0.6, which has us using instead of a bunch of cut-and-paste adapted from same. This makes things a lot easier moving forward. So far 5.5 on amd64 is looking good.

Tor Browser Releases by gman999

It’s been a while since our last Tor Browser releases, but it’s not because we haven’t been busy. Smaller projects like Quick and Dirty Statistics and Porting PETs have continued to progress, and other stuff that attila can elaborate on in a future blog post.

While worked dragged on with the 5.0.6 Tor Browser release, we managed to not only finish that release, but also finish up the 5.5 release. That puts us parallel with the current Tor Project release.

We are now archiving previous versions of TB as tgz file in an an archive directory. Version 5.0.6, which barely saw the light of day, is there.

We are excited by the releases, and look forward to feedback from the testers out there.

One quick note about Tor Browser 5.5 on OpenBSD 5.8 stable. We have repeated ad nauseum, but it’s worth reiterating again: OpenBSD development happens on -current, a.k.a., snapshots, which ultimately turn into the next stable release every six months.

Developing Tor Browser for OpenBSD stable means dealing with multiple levels of differences between stable and current, from the package versions to libraries in the base operating system. In *BSD land, userland applications and the base OS are meant to play nice together by default.

In the case of trying to run TB 5.5 on OpenBSD 5.8 stable, there are two package incongruities. First, 5.8-stable’s Tor version is, while the current version is Second, the nspr stable version is 4.10.8, while the current version is 4.11. Both current versions of the packages rely on operating system changes not present in stable. There is a ports freeze approaching for the May 1 OpenBSD 5.9 stable release, and we may use that as an opportunity to produce a stable version of the Tor Browser. Stay tuned.

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