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Since we launched TDP, two of us spend a lot of time, energy and resources getting the various projects designed and implemented.

But there is always room for one, two, three more.

It’s a perfect opportunity to start testing Tor Browser 5.0.3. Fork the repository, submit issues about the software.

There’s more to do beyond TB though. If you are around a technical user group, get a discussion going about Tor. Have a how-to meeting on running a public relay, especially for those who have access to decent infrastructure and bandwidth, like those at universities or internet-facing firms.

Setting up a high-bandwidth Tor bridge is painless and it will be a safe gateway for Tor users.

There is no excuse why every BSD user group or conference shouldn’t have a discussion or session focused on “recruiting” BSD people to run Tor relays. Many people in the US, Europe and eastern Asia, in particular have excess bandwidth at home. Work at a firm that uses the BSDs in production? Get them to run a relay or two.

For those who dwell in BSD land, join the Tor-BSD mailing list. Running a BSD Tor relay? Join the unofficial BSD Buildbot for Tor.

There’s a lot we’d like to accomplish with TDP, and we don’t claim a monopoly on much of anything. We do encourage you to take some initiative and move things forward.

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