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Updated Tor Browser Packages

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The upstream code from the Tor Project and above them Mozilla are moving targets we contend with each release. Then there is the ultimate moving target: the incessant war between surveillance and anonymity, censorship and circumvention. Finally there is the operating system as a moving target all Tor Browser porters face.

Developing ports on OpenBSD means building on snapshots, a.k.a., -current. OpenBSD snapshots are often released several times a week, and as with any other development operating system branch, those changes are sometimes significant. What might work today may be broken tomorrow. It was no surprise that our TB 5.0.3 release was broken on the OpenBSD snapshot released just a few days later.

Daniel Jakots noticed this as we did, and we updated the Tor packages accordingly. We made an added change by removing the tbb meta-package, simplifying the 5.0.3 release a bit more.

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